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Pisces Full moon Sept 20

This moon is quiet a doozy we have it in such intense transits

Mars in libra , venus in Scorpio , chiron is active until December 19 all while having Mercury in Retrograde until mid October !

Baby if that aint too much to handle Idk what is but dont worry your Fairy Godmother is here with a smidge of guidance 💋

Pisces is a water sign this moon falls on a monday the moon governs tides and emotions we as humas are most comprised of …. you guessed it Water ! So you not crazy boo you are just in your FEELINGS!

Venus in Scorpio got yall looking for intense deep connections .. All or nothing huh ? Passionate & Sensual talk about making love songs on repeat lol . With moon in Pisces trining Venus in Scorpio dating is highlighted. Now this may be for every one so dont be a hussy (men and women alike ) if you are healing I suggest you continue do so as Mrx can also be causing breakups and disagreements at this time.

here is a few things you can do can do this moon :

Get creative , craft , painting or explore any artistic talent you maybe interested in.

Tap more into your intuition be open to messages & dreams ad they are heavy at this time

clean yo house. This should be often not just for the moon. start a dream journal

make chamomile & lavender tea


Cleanse & charge your crystals

work with full moon crystals

Make moon water

moon gaze


do shadow work with journal prompts

ground and carry crystals for emotional balance like rhodochrosite

Also spending time near bodies of water

take a cleanse & release bath

do you remember in old negro spiritual the said take your troubles to the water … how about the famous gospel song wade in the water ?

Here is a simple ritual you can do

things you need ;

Silver & white candles

a bowl of water rain water / sea water would be great if not tap is fine

a fire safe tin or dish that can be placed in the bowl of water while the candles burn

a pen & paper

write what is heavy on your heart mind body & soul sign it

burn it after lightning your candle and say

Heavy things that weigh me down i release you this night

no more trouble no more fright.

i am free of the worries this night

here and now i dwell in peace I am free

Ashe Asè Amen

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