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Pisces Full moon Sept 20

This moon is quiet a doozy we have it in such intense transits

Mars in libra , venus in Scorpio , chiron is active until December 19 all while having Mercury in Retrograde until mid October !

Baby if that aint too much to handle Idk what is but dont worry your Fairy Godmother is here with a smidge of guidance ๐Ÿ’‹

Pisces is a water sign this moon falls on a monday the moon governs tides and emotions we as humas are most comprised of โ€ฆ. you guessed it Water ! So you not crazy boo you are just in your FEELINGS!

Venus in Scorpio got yall looking for intense deep connections .. All or nothing huh ? Passionate & Sensual talk about making love songs on repeat lol . With moon in Pisces trining Venus in Scorpio dating is highlighted. Now this may be for every one so dont be a hussy (men and women alike ) if you are healing I suggest you continue do so as Mrx can also be causing breakups and disagreements at this time.

here is a few things you can do can do this moon :

Get creative , craft , painting or explore any artistic talent you maybe interested in.

Tap more into your intuition be open to messages & dreams ad they are heavy at this time

clean yo house. This should be often not just for the moon. start a dream journal

make chamomile & lavender tea


Cleanse & charge your crystals

work with full moon crystals

Make moon water

moon gaze