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HAPPY 11/11

Hey lovelies ,

Today is 11/11 ... what does that even mean you ask ? Well 11/11 is a master number and today is a powerful manifestation portal day . Babyyyyy manifest your blessing ! Have you been in a funk lately ? It is ok me too don't let the smiles and love and light post fool you it can be a hell fire and holy water day in my backyard too. Anyway shift you mind beloved you are the frequency you choose to vibrate at. Speak life into yourself , your business , your relationships , friendships and most importantly speak life into the world you want to create for yourself and love ones. If your still feeling stuck here are a few tips ... I want you to move 27 things in your home and wash your floors (mop them) open your windows let fresh air in . Burn some incense allow all that smell good to travel through the room.BREATHE BELOVED ... YOU ARE SEEN , HEARD & LOVED


Now put on your fave money, love , self love song or all three and feel the vibration shift .... in ANCIENT culture dance opened portals and shift vibrations

Try it ... tell me how it worked for you


The Cardinal Echantress

Blessings Beloved

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