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Got self love ?

What is self love anyway? Can one truly attain self love ? What are attributes of Self Love?

Here is a little tea about me for a long time I struggled on my journey of self love , acceptance of my personal flaws and worst of all PERFECTION! It was no easy journey but at last here I AM at the halfway mark. Self love is a journey that starts but never finishes it is not a race or a trek up the mountain , but more so a never ending journey of self discovery. This I can tell you for sure.

May I ask you a question do you constantly beat yourself up ? You feel like not successful enough, thin enough , thick enough , pretty enough, smart enough ... where does it stop ?

when do you stop picking at all the parts of yourself that make you ...YOU?

We have be taught that and mentally conditioned to want what others are and have ! the real part of self love we must start with is self contentment. YOU have to feel worthy and whole outside of what the world attempts to dictate to you. Honor your inner child apart that is a huge part of your self love. The parts of you that were silenced or rejected as a child play out deeply in your adult life through friendships ,relationships even your work life .

Lately personal my self love has been tested in the form of a relationship.

I found myself irrational and seeking validation where I had once been rejected!

This was chacotic. Because it came out of my chiron.

I have this connection to a certain sign and it always ends painfully yet time and time again I attract more of this sign in my life , either as lovers or friends … they are never far ! I used to wonder wtf why are their so many of you im my inner life circle.

Well of course a spiritual lesson came attached.

I am worthy !

In the face of rejection I felt unworthy unclean . As if I had to fix me to be worthy of love outside myself !

I looked at the life that I was given to carry and often ask why my load had to be so heavy ! But today I let go of having to control , needing and wanting validation outside of my self . I am worthy and if I can not be accepted at my worst , then I should not be requested at my best .

learned to love me broken

Learned that you are whole even when you feel broken and the right people will see you as that version of yourself.


The Cardinal Enchantress

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