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Blessed 2/22

Today is 2/22 a portal day of divine love and balance. the veil is thin and very powerful . This portal is great for manifesting balance,diplomacy,stable partnerships & harmony.

If you are seeking healthy partnerships here are some tips and tricks

Write and honest list of the type of person that you are.

Then write a list stating the type of friend you are .

Once you have looked over both list write a list of the type of people you would like to attract into your life based off of who you are .... know that the things you look for in others are thing we must first have within ourselves.

After doing all this here is a quick spell to bring on the blessings

Items needed :

pink candle



attraction oil (if you have )

grapeseed oil

Carve your name and today's date into the candle ( if it is a pillar candle write on the glass )

dress candle with oil and herbs and do a short prayer over it (if a chime or free stand oil from base of the candle to top while pointing the top to you .

Don't forget offering water or rhum.

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